Learn how to use your solutions

To get full effect of our solutions, training is key and sometimes overlooked. We will help you with the basic 2-4 day training upon installation. We can do this in our training center or at your site depending on your needs. We also offer web based training which is predominantly used for version upgrades that includes new functionality


System Integration

Integrate your systems for maximal efficiency

In order to get the maximal performance or efficiency with a system it is sometimes helpful to integrate with one or several of your current systems. We have the resources to help you with different types of integration with MIS, CRM or perhaps other W2P systems. This can be done in many different ways as our solutions have powerful API’s for most of today’s requirement. We can help your staff in supporting them or take full responsibility for your integration project.

IT Technicians

IT specialists will help you

In our business IT knowledge is a crucial component of any business model and even though you might not have this type of specialized personnel on your payroll there is still a need. We can offer assistance with our fully Microsoft and Citrix trained IT specialists. We can help you with any installation, deployment, IT-hosting or support related issues in regards to simple or complex IT related topics.


IT Hosting

Secure hosting environment in ”The Mountain”

We have the pleasure of offering a very powerful and competitive hosting environment located deep in the Swedish granite mountain. This is a robust facility with a high level of security that offers a very fast connectivity with the outside world. We will keep your systems running 24/7 together with seamless version upgrades by our staff


Contact us

Our head office and training facility is located in Borås but we have a couple of coworkers in the Stockholm area. Get in touch!

Ask us anything!

With a current maintenance contract you have access to our application experts that can help you along the way. Either by telephone, mail or our web based support system that allows you to track your request and access our knowledge database. Furthermore, a maintenance contract allows for you to always get the newest version with the latest functionality.

Note: You need a valid support license in order to have access to the support service.